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The principal purpose of the International Mineral Processing Council (known as the IMPC) is to maintain oversight over the various formal activities of the international mineral processing community and to represent the views of the international community of mineral processors as it sees appropriate from time to time.

The Council is not a legally constituted body but is a common-interest unincorporated association of persons bound together for the common purpose of promoting the interests of the Council and its various activities.

The Constitution of the Council incorporates the rules identifying in whom control of the Council and its funds are vested.

Primarily the Council has the authority to award the right to a country to host an International Mineral Processing Congress which draws together the world’s leading mineral processing exponents in order to promote, network, discuss and reveal the latest advances in the science.

The International Mineral Processing Congresses have an impressively high attendance.

Its proceedings are published and represent the current state of the art in mineral processing.

The International Mineral Processing Congresses began in 1952 and since then have taken place every two or three years.