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The Council may from time to time make an award known as the “Distinguished Service Award” to persons who have over a sustained period made distinguished and noteworthy contributions to the field of Mineral Processing and the activities of the Council and/or its Congresses.
In 2018 this award was presented to Douglas W Fuerstenau.

The IMPC Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a lifetime of distinguished achievement and outstanding contribution to the advancement of the art, science and industrial practice of mineral processing together with participation in and contribution to IMPC Congresses.  Jan Dean Miller is the winner of the 2018 award.


Roberto Villas-Boas 1943-2016

 Dear Mineral Processing Colleagues around the world

The news of the sudden passing of Professor Roberto Villas-Boas has been met with deep sadness by all of his friends and colleagues around the world and especially by his colleagues on the International Mineral Processing Council. Roberto ended his term of office on the Council at the time of the XXVII IMPC in Santiago, Chile, having been a member of the Council for many years. Since 2006 he was the Chairman of the Sustainability Commission a task which he undertook with great enthusiasm and commitment. Over the past many years Roberto was instrumental in bringing a strong sustainability dimension to Congresses and in many respects he was a man ahead of his time. Many of you will also know that his involvement in Sustainability issues in mining and minerals processing was far wider than just his involvement with the International Mineral Processing Council and its Congresses and he will leave a wonderful legacy both in CETEM, where he was its first Director (for 20 years from 1978-1998), and globally for his major contributions in this field.

Roberto had been associated with the activities of the International Mineral Processing Council ever since the XII Congress took place in Sao Paolo in 1975 and his contributions will long be remembered. He was a most wonderful, warm and cheerful colleague. His conviviality and friendship to all with whom he came into contact was infectious and will long be remembered.

The Council will arrange a suitable tribute to Roberto at the time of the XXVIII IMPC in Quebec City in September 2016 and suffice to say that it had planned to pay formal tribute at the forthcoming Congress to his distinguished service to the Council and its activities over such a sustained period.

On behalf of the Council may I extend our deepest sympathies to his family and also his colleagues at CETEM. You are all in our thoughts at this time. RIP Roberto!

Kind regards

Cyril O’Connor
Chairman: International Mineral Processing Council

Further tribute

IMPC and SME honour Professor Doug Fuerstenau

greatAt the SME meeting held in Salt Lake City in February 2014 the IMPC together with the SME jointly paid tribute to Professor Douglas Fuerstenau to honour his enormous contributions made to both organizations over the past 50 years. The inscription on the plaque given to him on this occasion reads: The International Mineral Processing Congress and the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration This Special Award presented to Professor Douglas W. Fuerstenau for “Outstanding Contributions to the Global Mineral Processing Community through teaching, research, and professional service” Given this 24th day of February, 2014
Professor Fuerstenau holding the plaque flanked by Cyril O’Connor (Chair, IMPC) and John Marsden (President SME). Our thanks and appreciation to John Herbst and Brij Moudgil for organizing this event.

AusIMM Bulletin – Paper by Diana Drinkwater on her Commission’s work

What should be in the Mineral Processing curriculum?

Global study of pathways to the mineral processing profession

The question of who can call themselves a metallurgist or a mineral process engineer can spark some very interesting and occasionally heated discussions. We are a little different from our colleagues in mining engineering and geology, most of whom achieve their professional status via university programs called ‘mining engineering’ or ‘geology’. We all know a metallurgist or mineral processor when we see one, yet we frequently struggle when asked to provide a simple definition of what exactly the profession encompasses. It can be even more challenging if we are asked for advice on the ‘best’ pathway to the profession. Go to the AusIMM bulletin website, to see the complete article >>

Sustainability Commission



Sustainability workshop – VIEW VIDEO)

Roberto Villas-Bôas – Chair of the Sustainability Commission

To promote analysis and discussions on the issues of sustainability and sustainable development as they impact on the mineral processing industries and foster solutions through appropriate research, development and innovative interventions.

Since its inception in 2008 the Commission has been chaired by Roberto Villas-Boas who is a Council member of many years standing and enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the area of sustainability in the mining and mineral processing industry. The collaborators/members of this Commission are all persons with a serious interest and involvement in SD issues.

The Commission has to date used various approaches in carrying out its task. These include, inter alia:

    •  frequent exchange of communications among members of the Commission via internet and meetings at the time of Congresses;
    • organization of meetings and workshops whenever the need of the stakeholders is identified as well as official symposia during Congresses as appropriate;
    • assisting stakeholders on dealing with SD issues in daily mining activities through the dissemination of appropriate information by the Chair;
    • coordinating the overall activities of the Commission;

Since 2008 when the Commissions were approved by the IMPC Council the Commission has been actively engaged in joint activities with the following colleagues:

      •  Prof. Guven Onal (ITU-Istanbul,Turkey);
      • Prof Hermann Wotruba (RWTH– Aachen, Germany);
      • Prof. Debora Shields (CSU–Colorado,USA);
      • Dr. Julio Claudeville (Barrick Argentina);
      • Lic. Monica Belling (ProActivo,Peru);
      • Ing. Hugo Nielson (OLAMI- Argentina)
      • Ing. Hernan Vera (Yamana Argentina);
      • Dr. Carlos Peiter (CETEM, Brasil);
      • Geol. Luis Martins (DGGM, Portugal);
      • Prof. Arsenio Martinez (UHU, Spain);
      • J. Fernandez- Rubio (FrasaIngenieros, Spain)
      • Eng. Rinaldo Mancin (IBRAM, Brasil);
      • Prof. Chris Moran (UQ, Australia);
      • Patricio Cartagena (COCHILCO-Chile);
      • Arthur Pinto Chaves(USP- Brasil);
      • H. Tulsidas(IAEA-Austria);
      • J. Hilton (Aleph-UK).

Since its inception the Commission has been engaged in the following activities:

(i)    XXIII IMPC Congress in Istanbul in 2006: A workshop on sustainable issues in mining and minerals processing was organized jointly with ITU. This Workshop in fact led to the establishment in 2008 of the Commission;

(ii)  XXIV IMPC Congress on Beijing in 2008: A second workshop on mining and mineral processing sustainability, was jointly organized with GRINM;

(iii)   XXV IMPC Congress in Brisbane in 2010: A seminar on sustainability ofmining and mineral processing, was jointly organized with the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland;

(iv)   XXVI IMPC Congress in New Delhi in 2012: A meeting of the Coordination Group was organized to begin planning a major event at the time of the XXVII IMPC in Santiago;

(v)    XXVII IMPC Congress in Santiago in 2014: At this Congress a Sustainability Symposium is being held which will bring to closure the current phase of the Commission after which the next phase of its activities will be planned. Further information in this regard can be found here.