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Council may from time to time make an award known as the “Distinguished Service Award” to persons who have over a sustained period made distinguished and noteworthy contributions to the field of Mineral Processing and the activities of the Council and/or its Congresses. Recipients of such an award may be nominated by any Member of Council.

These should be sent to the Chairman at least one month before any formal meeting of Council and be accompanied by an appropriate citation and CV. A ⅔ majority of Council members present at the meeting is required to carry the proposal. Current Council members are not eligible for nomination.

This award is not to be confused with the IMPC Lifetime Achievement Award which is awarded on the basis of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the art, science or industrial practice of mineral processing and for which the nomination procedure is substantially different.

The Award may only be awarded posthumously when the recipient dies in the period between the decision to make the Award and the presentation ceremony.