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Georgios Anastassakis is Professor at National Technical Univ. of Athens (NTUA), School Mining Engineering and Metallurgy, in the field of Mineral Processing, and Head of the Division of Metallurgy and Materials Technology (2010-2012).

He graduated at NTUA in 1983 and got his Doctoral degree in 1989.

He started his career in 1989 as university teaching associate by contract (1989-92), employed in LARCO GMMSA Ferronickel Co. (1992-94), and elected Lecturer in NTUA in 1994.

Since then, he was successively promoted to Assistant, Associate and first-rank Professor in 2009.
His research interests are focused on Mineral Processing subjects, Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, Physical Chemistry and Hydrodynamics of Flotation, Colloids, Fine and ultra-fine particles interactions and processing, Water effluent purification, Solid waste processing and recycling, Soil cleaning, etc.

He has been involved in more than 40 research projects. The results of his research have been presented in more than 60 papers, published in Greek and International Scientific Journals, peer-reviewed Congresses Proceedings volumes, and chapters of international books.

He is also the author of two books, in Greek.

He has served as reviewer of approximately 30 International journals, several Congresses Proceedings volumes, and International research proposals.

He is member in 5 editorial boards (out of which 3 International), and Editor of the Greek journal “Mineral Wealth” since 1994.

He has been invited to give several lectures in foreign Universities, Associations, and teach in Seminars and presented more than 40 lectures in scientific meetings and seminars.

He is member of several International Congress Organizing Committees, as well as Scientific Boards and Committees, among which the: IMPC International Advisory Committee, Balkan Mineral Processing Congress (BMPC) Scientific Committee, Balkan Academy of Science on Mineral Technology (Full Member), International Organizing Committee of the International Coal Preparation Congress (corresponding member – country delegate), Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Inc. (SME) (2000-2010), International Solid Waste Association (2000-2010), Scientific Advisory Board of MiMeR (Minerals and Metals Recycling) Research Center at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden (2002-4), Scientific Society of the Mineral Wealth Technologists of Greece, Technical Chamber of Greece, Association of Greek Mining Engineers and Metallurgists, Hellenic Ceramic Society of Greece.

He was Chairman of the XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress organized in Delphi, Greece in 2007 and the editor of the proceedings.

He was also National Representative of Greece in EU Coal and Steel Advisory Group-Steel Subgroup (2008-2010).

Email: or mmmsga@metal.ntua.grngs