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Professor Guven Önal graduated at Istanbul Technical University as mining engineer in 1963 and obtained his Doctorate degree in 1970.

He became full professor in 1981. Professor Önal has published more than 450 articles, papers and 27 books in Turkish, English and German.

He is member of Russian Scientific Academy of Ecology and Environmental Protection and the member of Sırbian Science Academy.

He is consultant for industrial concerns and active on industry-University collaboration.

He is a member of a number of national and international scientific organizations, societies and Foundations.

Presently, he is lecturer in Mineral Processing Engineering Department of Mining Faculty of Istanbul Technical University.

President of Balkan Scientific Committee, and Balkan Mineral Processing Science Academy, Member of IMPC Council, International Wise Chair of Pittsburgh Coal Conference.

In addition, he is president of Turkish Mining Development Foundation.

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