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Education and Profession:

• Graduated from Central South University (1961).
• Associate Professor and Professor of CSU (1961-1991) and President of CSU (1985-1991).
• President of General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (1992-1997) and Honorary President (1997-).
• Vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering (1998-2006)

Membership of Academies and Societies:

• Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1991).
• Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (1994).
• Foreign Member of National Academy of Engineering, USA (1990).
• Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (2006).

Research Subjects and Achievement:

1. Molecular Design of Reagents for Mineral and Material Processing, Applied Surface Chemistry.
2. Solution Chemistry for Flotation and Hydrometallurgy.
3. Electrochemistry for flotation and Potential Control Flotation Technology.
4. Flotation of Bauxite, Desilicate and Utilization.
5. Biohydrometallurgy of Nonferrous Metals Ore.
6. Rare Earth Mineral Extraction, Separation and Purification.
7. Interaction between Solid Particles and Fine Particles Processing.
8. Leadership in Consultant Research of Key Science and Technology Programms and Academic Activities.

Papers and Publications:

More than 300 papers and 8 works published.

Important works:

• Fundamentals of Flotation Reagents and the Application (1982).
• Solution Chemistry of Flotation (1988).
• New Progress of Flotation Theory (1992).
• Interaction of Particles and Fine Particles Flotation (1993).
• Bauxite Flotation, Desilicate and Utilization (2005)