Jacques Astier (2010)

International Mineral Processing Congress, IMPC

IMPC Council

Nomination of Jacques Astier for the IMPC Council Award 2010.

I nominate the former President of the IMPC Council, Jacques Astier as the second recipient of the IMPC Council Award in 2010. The nomination is supported by Messrs. Cyril O´Connor and Roberto Villas-Boas.

Jacques Astier has graduated from L´Ecole Central in Paris, one of the most famous of the Grandes Ecoles in France. He has been a director at L’Institut de Recherche de la Siderurgie Francaise, IRSID.

Since 1988 he has been an independent consultant to corporations and institutions in metallurgy, iron ore and techno-economic matters.

He has served as president of Le Société de L´Industrie Minérale, SIM.

He has also been Professor at L´Ecole Nationale Superieur des Mines de Paris, another of the famous Grandes Ecoles of France.

He has been the President of the IMPC Council, in today’s terminology since the VII IMPC in Leningrad in 1968 until the XV IMPC in Cannes in 1985.

I have participated in the meetings of the IMPC Council from 1974. During those years he managed to guide the IMPC with great skill and diplomatic ability.

He has published papers and reports on iron- and steelmaking, and iron ore markets. He participated in the XXIV IMPC in Beijing in 2008.

Signed on the 6th of August 2010 in Brisbane, QLD by

Eric Forssberg

Immediate past President of the IMPC Council