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In February 2019, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, Inc. hosted a SME/IMPC International Symposium entitled Reflections, Challenges and Opportunities in Minerals Processing: Honoring the 90th Birthday of Professor Douglas W. Fuerstenau, at the 2019 SME annual meeting in Denver, CO.

The symposium was organized by former Fuerstenau’ students, Jim Gebhardt, Pradip, and John Herbst, with the assistance of Brij Moudgil.  Four technical sessions were held over two days and included sessions on Flotation & Technology, Comminution & Modeling,  and Innovative Technologies.  More than 30 presentations were made, and a panel discussion on Technology & Innovation included participation by six university and industry leaders.

The host Mineral Processing Division (MPD) of SME estimated that more than 300+ participants were in attendance at various sessions.  Professor Douglas W. Fuerstenau delivered the symposium kick-off presentation at the MPD Plenary Session (Click here to see video) and received an award commemorating the occasion from the 2019 SME President Barbara Arnold.  Representing the IMPC, Dr. Cyril O’Connor presented the Distinguished Service Award to Professor Fuerstenau and the Lifetime Achievement to Professor Jan Miller.  These were awarded at the 2018 IMPC Moscow meeting, which neither awardee could attend due to health issues.

Professor Fuerstenau presents an Invited Lecture at the Symposium

Barbara Arnold, President of SME, presents Professor Fuerstenau with a commemorative plaque from the SME and IMPC on the occasion of his 90th Birthd

Professors Fuerstenau and Miller with their trophy awards.

Professor Cyril O’Connor, President of the IMPC, presents Professor Fuerstenau with his Distinguished Service Award made to him at the time of the Moscow Congress which he was unfortunately unable to attend. On the left is Dr ralph Holmes, President-elect of IMPC, and on the right Dr Barry Wills, former recipient of the same award.

Professor Fuerstenau and Professor Jan Miller holding the trophy awards which were presented to them in absentia at the Moscow Congress for their receiving respectively the Distinguished Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. With them from left to right are former recipients of Lifetime Achievement Awards: Professors Somasundaran, Jameson, Roe-Hoan Yoon and Laskowski.