Bidding For Congress

All countries around the world are invited every two years to bid to host a Congress.

In order to eliminate tedious preparation the first bid is a Preliminary Bid and on the basis of this a country may be invited to submit a more comprehensive bid at the following Congress.

The first bid is required to be tabled at the time of the 3rd Congress prior to the one for which the bid is being submitted.

Council decides on whether or not to invite a comprehensive bid and on the final award by secret ballot.

Any Council member involved in any way with a bid is required to recuse him/herself from the process.

The procedure for preparing a Preliminary Bid and a final bid is set out in Section 7 of the Constitution.
Countries interested in hosting an International Mineral Processing Congress are invited to submit a preliminary bid at the nth Congress in order to be eligible to host the (n+3)th Congress. Those short-listed after the preliminary bids have been presented will be invited to make a full presentation at the (n+1)th Congress at which time the final decision will be made.
The bid should take the form of a PowerPoint Presentation. This should reach the Chairman of the Council by no later than two weeks prior to the start of the Congress at which the bid is to be presented. The following is a list of matters which should be addressed in presenting a preliminary bid to host an IMPC. In many instances it is clear that only preliminary estimates/proposals can be provided.
1. The name of the professional/scholarly/scientific under whose aegis the Congress will be organized (e.g. national Academy, scholarly Society, Institution, etc)
2. The person who will most likely head the Organizing Committee
3. The probable structure of the Organizing Committee
4. The ability to finance and underwrite the cost of the Congress
5. Previous experience in the organization of large, international conferences
6. Availability of a suitable Congress venue and appropriate accommodation
7. Availability of flights from various continents to the host city
8. Potential to obtain support from industry and government
9. The proposed broad outline of the technical and social programme of events for the week of the Congress
10. Any specific topics/themes which would receive special attention during the Congress (e.g. specific processes, mineral types, technologies, etc, of significant local interest)
11. Visa regulations of the host country
12. Local transport infrastructure
13. Likely cost of delegate registration(estimate)
14. Availability of local industry tours
15. Cultural and religious considerations
16. Processes to be used to referee abstracts and final papers submitted for the Congress. The Committee is encouraged to make use of members of the International Advisory Committee for this purpose.
17. How long before the Congress will you require Abstracts and Full Papers, respectively, to be submitted.
18. Processes to be used to identify suitable Plenary and Keynote Lecturers.
19. Any other matters which the applicant considers relevant.


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