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This International Advisory Committee is chaired by the Chairman and includes all Council Members and Members. Past Chairmen and Presidents are automatic Life Members of this Committee.

All countries judged to have a sufficient mineral processing interest and activity shall be entitled to nominate a Member and an Alternate. Nominations shall be made at any time by the appropriate national professional association and/or learned society for approval by the Council.

The Chairman chairs this Committee. In his absence, the Vice-Chairman will assume the Chairman’s role and, if both are absent, the Members will vote to elect a Chair for that meeting only.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
The International Advisory Committee is a prime support base for the IMPC. It is made up of delegates that have close affiliations with the recognized and leading professional associations in any country and are themselves renowned experts.

The International Advisory Committee has a real role in the life of the IMPC. Their first and foremost responsibility is to materially assist with each Congress by:

• Commenting to the Council on the remit of the upcoming IMPC and experience from past IMPC’s.
• Actively soliciting papers.
• Active involvement in the refereeing of papers.
• Actively recruiting delegates to attend the IMPC.
• Nominating persons for Council membership
• Nominating persons for the Lifetime Achievement Award
The IMPC establishes Commissions from time to time which aim to provide a forum to discuss key issues that have global reach and can be usefully addressed by the wider network of the IMPC. The Commissions also help in shaping IMPC Congresses. International Advisory Committee members are encouraged to play an active role in one or more of these Commissions.

The Committee may retire Members (and their Alternates) who have been deemed to not have been active for a significant period of time.

Meeting Frequency: 
This Committee will meet at least once at each Congress and discuss any matter except those specifically reserved as the responsibility of Council.

Voting Rules:
Voting will be by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote with the Chairman having a casting vote.