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The Council shall consist of the current Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman-Designate, the immediate Past Chairman, the Congress Presidents of the last five Congresses, Chairmen of Commissions established by Council and eight other Members who are elected by the Council.

A Country may request that an eligible past President be replaced by their current Member in special circumstances. Such a nominee should be a person of considerable international stature and shall require the approval of Council before he/she takes up this position. If Council does not support this replacement the position shall remain vacant. The Council may for special reasons co-opt a person(s) as members of Council for a maximum period of one term (a term being defined as the period between two Congresses).

The eight elected members shall be decided upon by secret ballot conducted by the Council and shall be selected from persons nominated by any Council Member or Member of the International Advisory Committee, supported by two other persons from these bodies. At each Congress meeting of Council four new members will be elected. The term of office of an elected member is for the period from the nth IMPC at which they were elected until the (n+2)th Congress. Outgoing elected members shall be eligible for re-election. Nominations shall reach the Chairman of the IMPC at least one month before the beginning of the next International Mineral Processing Congress. In the event of a tie the successful candidate shall be determined by a draw from a hat.

Unless otherwise determined, Council Members are personally responsible for the costs of attending meetings of Council.

The Chairman is elected by a simple majority of votes of the Council. The position of Chairman is for two Congresses and the Chairman can be re-nominated for a further one or two Congresses. The Vice-Chairman acts as Chairman in the Chairman’s absence.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The Council is responsible for all policy decisions of the Council, the selection of Host Countries for Congresses and all dealings with the Host Countries. The responsibility for such dealings may be delegated by Council to the Chairman of the Minerals Processing Commission.

In making its policy decisions, the Council will be advised by the International Advisory Committee. Council will decide how Congress delegates may be invited to advise both Council and the International Advisory Committees on a range of matters.

Having selected Host Countries, Council will receive and approve or amend as appropriate the Strategic Plan submitted by the Congress Organizing Committee which will include the process of calling for and selecting papers for inclusion in the Proceedings. As mentioned above, Council may delegate such responsibilities to the Chairman of the Minerals Processing Commission.

Council will approve the Chairman’s budget.

An elected member who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without due reason shall be deemed to have resigned from the Council.

Meeting Frequency:
Council will meet as required but, at a minimum, at each Congress and once between Congresses. Meetings may be held in person or by telephone.

Voting Rules:
Except when choosing a Host Country or deciding on the Distinguished Service Award, voting on all matters in all Committees shall be by a simple majority of those attending, either in person or by telephone, and eligible to vote. The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman will manage proceedings and will hold the proxy vote of the Chairman, his own vote as Vice-Chairman and the Chairman’s casting vote if required.

Both the Vice-Chairman Designate and the President are entitled to appoint a proxy to represent them in their absence.

The procedure for selecting Host Countries is detailed in a separate section of the Constitution.