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Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

The procedures associated with this award are explained in Section 5 of the Constitution.

Any member of the Council or IAC may nominate candidates for the Award but suggestions from anyone who wishes to suggest a nominee will be welcome.

These should be sent to any member of the Council or IAC who will be happy to arrange the formalities if it is considered that candidate is appropriate.  Nominations should be submitted to:

meg.winter@uct.ac.za  before 15 October 2020

Three other persons, who need not be members of the IAC or Council, but who are distinguished in the field of mineral processing and are not from the same organization as the candidate, must support each candidate’s nomination.

A nomination must have the approval of the candidate prior to their nomination and must include the following: a full CV of the candidate; the names and contact details of the other three supporters; a statement highlighting the lifetime achievement and global impact of the contributions of the candidate.

In the case of a nomination being unsuccessful the nomination may be carried forward for two more Congresses with the approval of the candidate.

All voting is by secret ballot.