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The Council may from time to time establish Commissions whose task will be to give attention to matters which in the view of the Council require a formal status. Such Commissions will be required to report formally to the Council and the International Advisory Committee at each Congress on their activities. The Chair of a Commission established by Council should preferably but not necessarily come from the Council membership at the time of its establishment. In such cases appointment would be via nomination and secret ballot. The Council will regularly review the continuation of these Commissions.

Commissions will generally have a limited lifetime but may be continued in a 2nd or 3rd Phase as decided by the Council from time to time. The work of a particular phase of a Commission should normally be concluded preferably through a special session in a Congress dedicated to the work of the Commission during its lifetime. The Proceedings from such a Session could be published as a Special Volume of a journal or in some other appropriate form.

The current Commissions are:

  • Minerals Processing Commission acts on behalf of the Council in ensuring that Congresses are generally compliant with the normal standards and requirements set by Council. This Commission also oversees the activities of the International Advisory Committee.
    Chair: Rod Elvish
  • Education Commission monitors global trends of interest to the Council and the international minerals processing community regarding educational developments, skills development and availability in minerals processing.
    Chair:  Diana Drinkwater
  • Sustainability Commission promotes best practice in regard to sustainability in the minerals processing industry.
    Chair: Kari Heiskanen
  • IMPC Commission on Industry/Academic Research established after the XXVIII Congress in Quebec City, Canada.
    Chair: Romke Kuyvenhoven