Congress Organising Committee

The President chairs this Committee and is responsible to the Council for implementing an enabling structure to ensure effective planning and carriage of the Congress.

The structure of this Committee is not pre-determined but Council must be satisfied that its composition and operation are appropriate to carry out all the Duties and Responsibilities.

In the interests of continuity the Organizing Committee shall co-opt the Presidents (or alternates) of the previous and the forthcoming Congresses. These persons do not need to physically attend the meetings of the Committee but should be kept informed at all times of its deliberations.

Full details of the Committee’s structure and operation must be included in the Strategic Plan

Duties & Responsibilities:
This Committee is responsible for the safe and effective running of Congress and, in so doing, must submit a Strategic Plan well in advance of the Congress and receive the support of Council to implement that Plan as submitted and amended by Council.

Following the conclusion of the Congress, this Committee will present a full report to Council on the Congress that includes details of attendees, financial outcomes and all other relevant matters.

This Committee is required to fund the Chairman’s budget, the IMPC Lifetime Achievement Award trophy and the Young Author Awards.

Meeting Frequency:
This Committee will meet as required according to its own schedule and timetable but Council always reserving the right to ensure that plans are progressing according to the Strategic Plan submitted.

Voting Procedures:
This Committee will regulate its own affairs in accordance with its internal rules and procedures.

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