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Members of the Council are elected at each Congress according to the rules as set out in the Constitution. The Council consists of the current Chair (elected by Council), Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair-Designate, the immediate Past Chair, the Presidents (i.e. Chairs of Organizing Committees) of the last five Congresses, Chairs of Commissions established by Council and eight other Members who are elected by the Council from a list of those nominated. Any member of Council or the International Advisory Committee may nominate a person for one of these positions (cf. the Constitution for the nomination procedure). The Council meets formally at each Congress and also at the venue of the forthcoming Congress the year before the Congress takes place. This means that in the case of a 2 year gap between Congresses the Council would meet annually.

Current members of the Council are:

Ralph Holmes (President)
John Marsden (Vice President)
Aubrey Mainza (Vice President Designate)
Cyril O’Connor  (Immediate Past President of Council)


Chairs of last 3 IMPC Congresses:

 David Deglon  Cape Town 2020
Valentin Chanturiya Moscow 2018
Jim Finch Quebec City 2016

Chairs:   IMPC Commissions

Diana Drinkwater IMPC Commission on Education
Rod Elvish IMPC Commission on Mineral Processing

Elected members of Council whose term ends in Washington 2024

Brij Moudgil
Romke Kuyvenhoven
Han Long 
Pablo Brito-Parada

Elected members of Council whose term ends in Cape Town 2026

Jan Cilliers
Guven Onal 
Barun Gorain
Ronel Kappes
Silvia Franca